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Cooling off with Falooda

Life is a Vacation

On a hot summer afternoon, I am craving for something cold and sweet and my mind is on Falooda !! From the streets of Mumbai where I first tasted the sweetness of Falooda to the streets of Srinagar, Kashmir where I polished off 2 cups I have had a fairly sweet and smooth journey with Falooda. While every city has a popular variant of it the ingredients largely remain the same. For the uninitiated Falooda is a sweet and cold beverage which owes its origin in Persia and found its way into the South Asian countries along with the monarchs who came from there.

Falooda in Srinagar, Kashmir

We had just stepped out of Nishat Bag when I spotted a series of canopy’s along the Dal. Intrigued by the colour, I walked over to one such stall only to realise that he was dishing our Kashmiri street side Falooda. As I delved into the cup…

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