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Restaurant review: Ministry of beer (MOB), CP, Delhi

Right in the heart of the city, this place has got spectacular location and a very Victorian and futuristic architecture across it’s three great grand floors.

Upon entering, you will be greeted by a very friendly staff, trust you me their warm welcome and more warm smell will sure melt your heart and you will already be pumped up to start your gastro journey here.



As for the food part, we started with Palak Patta, Kalamata Olive Chat, Grilled Pao Sliders, Mascarpone Dahi Kebabs, Kebab Tacos and Baked chicken Wings alongside with few drinks.. This does sounds a lot but everything was so taste worthy that we couldn’t stop ordering further.. They could have done a better job with Pao sliders though but given the fact everything else satiated our taste buds, these ones could be ignored.

In between our meals, we also took a moment to appreciate the music and their in house DJ, truly loved the number they were playing and I don’t remember any song which we did not sing along..


Starters and Music, Well we are not done here! We again ordered for Sushi, tandoori platter and a basic North Indian main course meal which had Dal Makhni, Butter Naan, Classic butter Chicken and few more dishes. Everything was worth ordering and worth tasting. We were so full by the end that we couldn’t order anything more from their menu considering they have a very vast variety of dishes and something for everyone to order as per their taste. Probably, a next visit is required.


And yeah one last thing to mention which is ofcourse important too, you don’t go to Ministry of Beer just for the food, but also for the fashionable crowd and fabulous arrangement. With good people around and DJ at the deck (On Third Floor), Live Music (On Ground Floor) and a volume that pumps up, your experience is going to be really worthwhile.

Credit: Priyanka
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