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Jalsa Gold | Restaurant Review | Kadubessanahalli| Bangalore

The Plate Memoirs

“Kehtein hai, Mastani Deewani ho gayi, Deewani haan deewani, deewani hogayi”- courtesy the movie “Bajirao Mastani”

I’m almost expecting the courtesans to come out with their tanpuras, clinking their anklets and swirling their lavish skirts in perfect circles.

And then, I realise… I’m at Jalsa Gold. Just about everything about this place at the first sight is ” Gold & exuberant”. *out of the reverie Noorain, out*

I, was invited over for the bloggers table, to taste test their menu. The place has an all day buffet at Rs. 479/- Veg and Rs. 579/- Non Veg. They currently are running a 15% discount on the menu.

Decor : The place is doused in a healthy vibe of Gold. A few pieces of art adorn the place, making the experience more believable. The decor is elegant, with chairs, cutlery and lighting all playing a harmonious part to unwind you completely.


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