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Jom Jom Malay – Aao Chalein

IMG_20170222_190036.jpgJom jom malay, is one of the few restaurants in Delhi NCR, which serves a non Indian cuisine. Such restaurants are always a package of surprize. You never know, the not so easily pronounceable preparation may either leave you licking fingers or twisting your faces. So what do they have in store for you? I just mentioned the extreme cases and Jom Jom would not push you towards the latter if not former.

IMG_20170222_193233.jpg(Make your own sauce, I really loved this concept. They provide with pestle mortar and finely chopped herbs, DIY)

Malaysian Cuisine has variety of mild flavours. Non-veg and coconut are important participants. We tried lot of dishes and I personally liked them all. So, were the tastes so binding, to attract me next time? Taste is an important attraction, and presentation plays an equally important role. Good hospitality graces each well-cooked preparation to throne. The same is the case at Jom Jom Malay. Yes, I will be visiting this place repeatedly.


The ambiance is well lit, however not a strain on eyes. They have traditional stuff from Malaysia on display like handicrafts, musical instruments and a handcart. Sitting is plush and comfortable. It is like seated in a fine dine, and touching local life and flavours of Malaysia.

IMG_20170222_190136.jpgSome of the dishes we enjoyed and will do so in future as well are here. Taste through your eyes here and from your palate at Jom Jom Malay.

IMG_20170222_194514.jpg(Rendang Bao, Laksa Bao and Duck Bao)

IMG_20170222_194552.jpg(Ayam Satay, Lamb Satay, Ikan Satay, Udung Satay)

IMG_20170222_194639.jpg(Penang Assam Laksa)

IMG_20170222_200924.jpg(Kari Ayam Kapitan)

IMG_20170222_200653.jpg(Hokkien Goreng)

IMG_20170222_200938.jpg(Roti Jala)

IMG_20170222_203816.jpg(Banoffee Pie)

IMG_20170222_203822.jpg(Coconut Cheese Cake)

Do try it, on your visit to Ansal Plaza, Delhi.

Happy Eating… 🙂

Credit: Nipun


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