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KFC Nashville – ek try toh banta hai

IMG_20161221_113540.jpgYesterday, KFC launched a new variety of fried chicken in a very novel way. They started an ATM (Yes an ATM in these times where you can actually get something) for getting Nashville dollars (Not yet a legal tender, but I won’t complain if it becomes) redeemable against Nashville Fried Chicken.

IMG_20161221_141348.jpgAnd after earning those dollars, we hit KFC. And soon, these new fried chickens arrived. And it came with the pickle. And I am a sucker for pickles MN They should have added a couple more. And now coming to chicken, it was much crispier and had a slightly hot and sweet tinge of taste in it. Some research told me that this local variety of fried chicken is sauced with cayene pepper, which validated my taste buds. IMG_20161221_123118.jpgIMG_20161221_123100.jpg


Overall a different experience fried chicken wise and one which you will want to repeat time and again.

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