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Christmas Fervour at Le Meridian, New Delhi

This Christmas, the Creative community of Le Meridien, New Delhi to dedicate their celebrations to Women Empowerment. The sole objective of the event was to encourage the potential of girls and give them their long lost rights to equal opportunities.


The Event started with the unveiling of this unique tree shaped in the form of two little girls dressed in frilly green dresses on a rotating platform. The innocent faces enhanced the tree’s beauty and encouraged people to open their minds and accept equality.


An addition to the event was the presence of a female Santa Claus, the basic idea being a woman can spread as much happiness and joy and a man as Santa is more about the thought of generously gifting rather than the gender of the gifter.


The event was beautifully decorated with a lot of fun activities for kids where they could customize their favorite dessert with their choice of sprinklers or use some food spices to craft their favorite Christmas painting.

A wonderful idea to kickstart this holiday season with a subtle yet powerful message, the event was a delight to eyes and stomach!

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