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10th Krackerjack Carnival @JLN Stadium, Delhi

IMG_5611.JPGIf you have a kid and were looking for a way to spend utmost time with him/her, then the Krackerjack Carnival at JLN Stadium was the perfect choice. Trust me, I am an adult and I myself could not help reminiscing my childhood days for atleast 5 hours. Undoubtedly, this is one of the coolest times to be a kid!

img_5641-001From fun filled music and dance

img_5714img_5719img_5721to a science fair,

img_5715img_5724img_5738img_5743img_5746img_5774img_5785from hobby workshops

img_5750-001img_5789-001img_5791-001to environmental awareness (yes,those are real snakes!),


img_5667img_5668from adventure sports and playgrounds

img_5658-001img_5677-001img_5694-001img_5697-001to pretty little toys, the stalls had everything to keep your children enjoying.

img_5610-001img_5689-001img_5731-001img_5779-001IMG_5679.JPGMoreover, the whole area was lined with tasty and healthy snacks which maintained the energy levels during the whole event.


IMG_5728.JPGEven adults had a lot of fun shopping their favorite accessories!


The entire area was so colorfully decorated that it didn’t seem less than a party inside. The little ones were so attracted to the figurines that you could see the fondness in their smiles.img_5626-001img_5619-001img_5624-001

All in all, if gifting your kid an evening full of learning and enjoyment is your idea of the weekend, then this was the event that fulfilled it.

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