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Dawat-e-Awadhi @ Edesia – Crowne Plaza, Okhla, Delhi

With Mughlai food being the most intrinsic part of any non-vegetarian food lover’s life, Crowne Plaza, Okhla brings to you the one stop for all your Mughlai cravings – Dawat-e-Awadhi at their global cuisine restaurant Edesia, an Awadhi cuisine buffet!


The restaurant in its full galore is serving its customers with authentic Nawabi Awadhi cuisine presenting stellar dishes like Lucknawi Galawati Kebab, Paneer-E-Mumtaz, Shahjehani Nalli Nihari, Shahi Rogani Gosht and of course everyone’s favourite biryani. Not just the best of non-veg, but even the vegetarian dishes are mouth wateringly delightful especially their Shahi Malkhni Dal and Awadhi Dum Aloo. One of the most unusual vegetarian dish that I tried here and relished too was the Paneer Baingan Curry. With rich creamy gravy mixed with pulp of roasted brinjal, this dish stood out in taste with the brinjal rendering its flavor in the gravy.

An evening to savour loads of kebabs and tikkas, tawa vegetables on live counter and Sikandari Raan being the highlight of the counter.

Even the dessert section was full of royal delicacies like, Malai Chamcham, Milk Cake, Moong Dal ka Halwa, Sabudana Kheer, Shahi Tukra and Malpua. I bet you can’t resist tasting all of it.

This was definitely a one of a kind gastronomical experience and all you Mughlai lovers head out and go try the best of Awadhi dishes being served at Edesia!


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