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The drunk house, Rajouri Garden

We have another lounge and bar in vishal enclave , Rajouri Garden. Situated on the second floor , this place is all set to attract crowd from the nearby areas. Their rooftop sitting right above the second floor adds to the attraction specially in this pleasant weather.

The management says that they specialize in the following dishes- Dal makhni, mount view nachos , butter chicken pizza & peri-peri fish. So certainly all this will definitely be good. Therefore i tried the other things to give you readers an overview about the rest.


jalapeño cheese balls


mushroom caps














In starters , i had massalla pappad, jalapeño cheese poppers , mushroom caps and spring roll. My personal favourite are jalapeño cheese poppers and mushroom caps. Both of these were truly amazing served with delectable dip.

The masala pappad is recommended only for spice lovers, otherwise don’t have it. The filling is too spicy and overly filled. Talking about the spring rolls, they were fine but i have had better at other places.


massala pappad


gems & chocolate pizza











In desserts, i tried gems & chocolate pizza. It looked so attractive that i didn’t want to eat it. I was happy seeing it in front of me looking so tempting. It was a little disappointing after i had a slice. The base should be worked upon and the quantity of crushed almonds spread on the chocolate base was excessive. Go for it only and only if you really like almonds.

In drinks, i had peach virgin mojito and oreo shake. The mojito was very refreshing and very delectable. The oreo shake wasn’t bad either.

Just a little hard work on the recipes and this place is all set to be the talk of the town. Way to go !!!!!





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