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Diabetic Food Trail – a special menu!

India is known as the Diabetes capital of the world. With about 70 million people suffering from the disease (WHO report, 2015), Diabetes poses a serious threat to India. Mainly considered to be genetic earlier, the disease has seen a significant increase in the recent years owing to the sedentary lifestyle of the people.

Having a check on the food being eaten becomes a challenge for diabetics while eating out, for most of our restaurants don’t have menus suitable for them. Not anymore – Seema Pinto and her husband, founders of The Diabetic Food Trail have come up with a food festival like none – each and every dish in this menu is fit for diabetics – be it the soups, starters, main course, or the out of bounds desserts!


We were part of the Nutri Choice Essentials Healthy Dessert Trail – an effort by the team behind the Diabetic Food Trail – to showcase part of the menu and bust some myths about sugar free desserts – healthy and tasty – being the most common one.

Seema Pinto, a diabetic herself, came up with this novel idea to make eating out a normal fare for the diabetics and develop a consciouness about Diabetes. The menus are interesting and if not told specifically, you will never get to know if the dishes are actually sugar free or not.

Our experience started at Bercos, GK1 with Sugar-free Lemon Cheesecake and Sugar-free Caramel Custard. If it was a blind tasting, we could have never guessed these desserts were sugar free and with 3-4 times lesser calories than their sugary counterparts, absolutely amazing on the palate, we knew we were in for a treat.

sugar free lemon cheesecake and sugar free caramel custard at Berco’s GK1

Getafix was next and we were greeted by Sugar-free Carrot Cake and Sugar-free Lime Pie (and a handful of fries to cut the sugar rush) – the carrot cake can be counted among the few we would like to have again and again – texture, taste both perfect.

sugar free carrot cake and sugar free lime pie at Getafix

Our next stop at Bohemia brought us face to face with the favorite Tiramisu (yes, sugar-free) and Sugar-free Chocolate Fudge with yogurt ice cream. There is no way, we could have guessed the Tiramisu to be sugar (and guilt) free! The yogurt ice cream served with the chocolate fudge is amazing.

sugar free tiramisu at Bohemia

sugar free chocolate fudge with curd ice cream at Bohemia

G’s Patisserie gave us a live demo of making cookies, along with some amazing desserts – warm apple and cinnamon cobbler, chocolate zucchini cake, banana oats bar with nutrichoice essentials oats cookies. Once again, we were stumped by the fact that the delicious desserts were sugar free and fit for all – diabetics and health conscious.

sugar free warm apple and cinnamon cobbler
sugar free chocolate zucchini cake
sugar free banana oats bar with nutri choice essentials oats cookies

Although the dessert trail just showcased the dessert course, there is a special menu available at all the participating restaurants which is in sync with the cuisine of the restaurant, and has items in all courses. The Diabetic Food Trails is on from November 12 till November 30 in over 200 restaurants in 5 cities.

With this Diabetic Food Trail, there is no holding back to eating out. Go out and enjoy your meal, there is no guilt here!

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