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Pizza in New Avatar


Stuffed crust Pizza by Pizza Hut is a good experiment and effort to save from the tasteless, chewy sides. It is common to see the sides piling up in the plates soon after the first slice of pizza is consumed. Those sophisticated ones keep looking for the side dishes to hide this leftover. Even some do not mind to push it under the table, when no one is looking at them.IMG_5018.JPG

Pizza hut comes with the three variants of crust, and not just crust and it is stuffed crust. This new experiment seems more like a solution to solve the problem of leftover food and avoid wastage in a flavorful way.


Veggie Surprise and Paneer Delight pizzas can be upgraded to Veg Kebab. Chicken Hot and Spicy, Tikka Treat with Masala Chicken Sausage and there are no restrictions for Cheese Max. Any Pizza can be upgraded to Cheeze Max, logical as well and tasty too. Pizza without a cheese is like body without a soul. Cheese Max has not one soul, in fact too many souls. There is lot of cheese loaded into this tasty treat.

It is available in both personal and medium, so even if you are solo, no reason to miss it. Go Go Go head to your nearest store and get your choice of crust with your favourite toppings.

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