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Sattvik introduces 5-course Navratri Thali

Sattvik Restaurant is located in Select CITYWALK, Delhi’s most exciting Shopping & Entertainment Destination situated in the heart of South Delhi. Need for a good fine-dining restaurant in South Delhi that serves only vegetarian food gave birth to the idea of this restaurant.  Since it serves pure vegetarian food the name was derived from   sāttvika  – relating to or endowed with the quality sattva (Sanskrit word referring to  pure, true, genuine, honest, good, virtuous). Since it’s inception in 2008 it has been a place where people come and relax and have a hearty meal and holistic fine dining experience.


Sattvik- Delhi’s premier all-vegetarian fine dining north Indian restaurant has launched its Navratra special Thali.

Navratra is a nine-day long festival as a part of which people do not consume foods such as onion and garlic which are traditionally considered Tamsik or ‘negative’ in essence. However, this year with Sattvik introducing Navratra special Thali, consumers can savour some of their favourite traditional North Indian dishes without having to wait for these nine days to pass.

Sattvik’s fully loaded Thali will surprise you with a multitude of flavours and textures. It include a delicious range of beverage, snacks, mains and desserts- a total of over 15 items such as Masaladaar Chaach, Sabudana Papad, Paneer Malai Tikka, Tandoori Shakarkandi, Jimikand ki Tikki, Tandoori Fruit Chaat, Shakarkandi and Anar ka Salad, Kuttu aur Singhare ki Puri, Samak aur Gulab ki Kheer, Gud Makhana and many other such satvik delights. Those fasting this Navratri (even those who are not!) could not have asked for more!


It was indeed a very indelible experience and the food was so filling, incontrovertibly one of the best Navratras ever celebrated.

Loved it.

Review Credit : SAGAR

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