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Review-The Hole in the Wall Cafe

That Dainty Girl

The Hole In The Wall Cafe: your ultimate destination for appetizing breakfast!


I’d regret big time, had I missed out on the opportunity of visiting The Hole In The Wall Cafe, situated in the hub of Bangalore city.

The last time I was in the city, visiting a friend,  I landed at this really cool cafe, best known for  their English breakfast. All of us being big time foodies, we all called for different types of English breakfast.

I called for traditional American breakfast that included a mix of diced hash browns, ham, chicken salami and sausage tossed with sauteed onion, capsicum and mushrooms topped with 2 fried eggs. If this was not enough, we also called for pancakes with nutella and waffles with chocolate sauce.


Sounds mouth-watering already?

After seeing the quantity of my traditional American breakfast, I knew I would have to skip lunch. Yes, it was that satiating…

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