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Review for Made in Punjab


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span style=”line-height: 1.7;”>Review for Made in Punjab

Must Try: Batti da murg, Galouti Kebab, Salmon Tikka, Murg Makhani, Dal Made in Punjab, Flambe Gulab Jamun

Picture this. Lush, green fields laden with the first golden blades of young maize, swaying slightly in the breeze. In its midst, a pristine stream flows through, the ambient sounds of its gurgling the only interruption to the orchestra of sparrows in clear blue skies above. At the mouth of the river where the stream meets its end, a cow grazes silently on a fresh green patch. Not a soul is in sight.

Cut to the screeching of horns, dozens of vehicles moving in snail-like procession for miles, the loud chatter of a thousand voices and the bright lurid lights blazing in all directions from light poles, headlights, traffic lights, apartment windows and imposing malls ahead. A reverie is shattered, even as we embrace the…

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