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Book Review | Hot Tea Across India

Ticker Eats the World

Indians love their tea, even more so than the British I would say – starting a post with a controversial statement like this should do the trick.

However, there is a difference; we do not have a fixed “Tea Time” and pretty much drink it at any time of the day… or night. Rishad Saam Mehta touches the pulse of India and catches on to a brilliant idea of following the tea trail across the country in his own unique fashion documenting it in the book Hot Tea Across India.

Say what you might, but book covers play an important role in capturing the reader’s attention. Off late, thankfully, book covers have started to be appreciated and as a result more attention is given to them. Hot Tea… is one book that is pleasing to the eye. The bright yellow cover with colorful drawings highlighting the theme of the book, that of…

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