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The Light Eyed Girl

Hello there!

Since this is our first blog post let me share a bit about me and a lot about what to expect from TheLight Eyed Girl!

I am a Mumbai based Architecture student, Food and Photography lover and an overall enthusiast. Past couple of years life has increased its dependency on the internet and by that I mean we look up internet for most of our daily chores, decisions. What to wear? With What? Which Place to visit? Where to go on the next date? We are going to get answers to all your questions, one at a time.


[Left top to Right Bottom: My Home Made Chocolate Cake; The Mesmerizing Ceiling ofSagrada Familia, Barcelona; Me and My Partner- Nikon D5100; Amber Fort, Rajasthan;Guards of The Souvenirs Store, Seville, Spain; Tiramisu Loving at The Cake Studio, Dadar.][All Photos Uploaded on This Blog Will Be a Courtesy of Roopali Naik…

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Connecting all travellers & foodies in India....

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