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A Little Bombay in Delhi.

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Having worked in Mumbai for a couple of years, the one thing I really missed here in Delhi were the Irani Cafes. And to be more precise… i missed the Berry Pulaos and the Caramel Custard. Something tells me that now I wont have to fly to Mumbai for the same, rather drive down to Junglee Billi.

The Restaurant is very inviting with its gorgeous colours and its almost like making a statement with its pastel shades. But I found the concept very confused. The glittery Bar one side, and old cameras on the other. Bollywood divas on one wall, and English crockery on the other. Looked as if the designer wasnt very sure on what all to have.

But when it came to the Food, I think they compensated really well on that field. The way the Menu is divided is very Interesting. The menu is like someone romancing…

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