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Magical Manali


Manali is a hill station with a great tourist attraction nestled in the mountains of Himachal pradesh state of india.

DSCF2789.JPG shops enroute old manali

DSCF2588.JPGManali’s Welcome


In the northen end of kullu valley starts the teritory of manali.

Beas river flowing alongside the road and the trees at the river bank flirting with the cool breeze is a foreplay in manali entercourse and believe me it’s a good one :p .

this awesome journey alongside beas river lasts 10-12 km before the ambiance of mall road hits you.

Where to stay.???

Go to manali, stay at a hotel in manali mall road, eat some trout fish and head back home..??

if this is your travel itinerary for manali then i suggest you to save your money and do this stuff in your hometown.
Because manali will need a little exploration.


I visited manali thrice and the third time i discovered…

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