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Black Dog Sparkling Water – Easy Evenings


Blackdog ‘Easy Evenings’ hits Delhi, rocking many at one to the most happening places “Raasta” at Huaz Khas Village.

I have been to the Raasta several times before, however this time, it was simply splendid! Thanks to ‘Easy Evening’. The event was all about unwinding, relaxing and rejuvenating over beautiful live music, mouthwatering food, super fun crowd and the fantastic concoctions created by the wonderful people behind the bar.. Things just moved to a whole new level of awesomeness with the entry of Sorabh Pant.


Sorabh Pant is one of India’s most prolific comedians. He has done over 1200 shows in 75 cities across 14 countries. He’s also the founder of East India Comedy and the author of the almost-bestselling novel Under Delhi. With his witty sense of humor and spontaneity he just lit up the whole place. His strong command over each subject and ability to drive participation made the whole crowd jump out of their seats, forgetting the week that was.

“I keep coming back to Delhi, thanks to the great vibes and the enthusiasm of the audience. In a city like this, it’s super easy to get caught up in a frenzied, hectic lifestyle and it makes me feel good to be able to give them that much-needed break. I’m glad I can give the people of Delhi a good laugh and help them unwind a little. With ‘Easy Evenings’ by Black Dog Sparkling Water, I am all geared up to show the people of Delhi how humor is the best way to unwind and enjoy a relaxed evening,” said, Sorabh Pant.


About Black Dog Sparkling Water – Easy Evenings

“We are delighted to give the audience in Delhi an opportunity to unwind and relax, with the finest of India’s comedic talent, Sorabh Pant. We want people to take a pause from their hectic schedules, relax and just savour these moments. Easy Evenings by Black Dog Sparkling Water is all about getting people to have a good laugh and relax. A great way to de-stress and unwind on a week day with some great comedy,” said, Nitesh Chhapru, Head of Marketing, Luxury & Premium Core Portfolio, United Spirits. 

Black Dog Sparkling Water with its strong legacy has understood over time that achievers in their busy life deserve a pause from their daily schedule. Black Dog Sparkling Water – Easy Evenings has been presenting these go- getters with moments to relax and unwind with comedy, music and food galore. Easy Evenings is not only a platform to unwind and witness a spectacle by various artists but also for one to enjoy and let the world wait. Performances at Easy Evenings range from stand –up comedy, jazz nights, improv and food pairing sessions. So come, sit back and enjoy an experience of class and finesse.

It was a wonderful event and the comic made it one of its kind that Hauz Khas village would have seen. If you are looking at relaxing and unwinding then this is an event you should definitely not miss.
 Review courtesy – Abhishek Mukherji

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