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A Lebanese Meal at Mabruk, Sahara Star, Mumbai

Sitting in the large Atrium of Sahara Star aside a large waterbody,the restaurant has great ambiance.

Although the name speaks of Mediterranean food, Lebanese is one of the cuisines they boast of.

Our meal at Sahara Star comprised of a variety of starters like Hummus, Babaganouj, Tabouleh, Kibbeh and Cigar al Samak.

We all enjoy eating pita with a good Hummus or Babaganouj. I liked the freshness of the pita at Mabruk but would rate the accompaniments as average.

The other Mezze comprised of Kibbeh, Cigar al Samak and Safi’ha B’jibneh had better flavour profiles

Safi’ha B’jibneh is like a soft scooped out Bread with a cheese and meat/vegetable filling. Almost like a soft pie. This was one of the starters I enjoyed the most.

Although the flavours of the Kibbeh tastes nice, it was cold from lying unattended and the crust turned hard.

We had a similar experience with the Meat Cigars as well.

The cigars if hot would have definitely been a good starter.

Our meet was brightened up by the ‘make it yourself Shawarma counter’ where we all made shawarmas as per our own liking and also had a little competition based on Flavour and Presentation.

Chef Jihad el-Shami an expert on Lebanese food and a former resident of Lebanon prepared all the ingredients for our shawarma himself and also judged the competition.

The Shawarmas were definitely the highlight of the evening!

The addition of the spicy Harissa sauce definitely elevated the traditional dish!

Our main course started with the Mahancha Laham.

The dish was prepared with minced meat wrapped and rolled within filo pastry sheets. It was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside and made for a good start.

We also had the Kharoof Mahshi, a braised lamb pilaf topped with almond flakes. The lamb was cooked well but unfortunately the pilaf was bland and had nothing to to add more flavour.

On the other hand the Sharia Medfauna Mushroom, a dish made of Vermicelli topped with a mushroom gravy and nuts was rather overpowering.

Our meal ended on a better note with desserts like Baklava and Znoud Al set.

The Pistaccio Baklava Pastry was definitely delicious and Znoud Al Set, a cream filled cigar with orange blossom syrup was a unique and tasty dessert as well.

Although I was bothered by the slow service and cold food, the drinks definitely ran the show the whole evening.

I particularly enjoyed the Baileys Cocktail and the Lemon Maa Ward, a lemony drink made of rose water and mint.



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