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Yes, you read it right. The experience of travelling by Indian Railway is going to get much cooler than ever before with your favourite restaurant food served right at your train berth. RailYatri, a traveller’s true friend is now providing you the facility to book your meal online and the food will be served to you in a fresh and hygienic manner. RailYatri is an app in sync with Indian Railways information system where you can look up train schedules, important trains between stations, check your PNR status, you can also check the train running status, read blog posts on different places across the country, and now you can order food as well.

Since we all know the condition of food served in the trains, many of us are hesitant to buy from the vendors. This means the passenger is required to carry extra baggages of food with him/her leading to crampy spaces for other passengers as well. It is very thoughtful of RailYatri to come up with this innovative idea that is actually a national problem. 13 million passengers are served by Indian Railways each day which is about 1 percent of the entire population of India. Now imagine the number of people eating local, unhygienic food in the train. The number is huge.

RailYatri is helping the nation by providing for nutritious food for all the passengers across the country. And guess what, this app is free! Absolutely no charge at all. It is available across all devices of Android and IOS. Although there is technology being used at such a large scale in the entire world, good use of technology that helps a social cause is very rare to be found. We should all encourage this good thought and make sure to use it. This is our only form of support to their great work. Why don’t you download and take some hands on experience by yourself? Here is where you can order the delicious food from

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