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Mussoorie – a memorable stay @ JW Marriott, Walnut Grove Resort & Spa

Mussoorie was one of the nicest holidays I’ve been to in a long time. My flight landed very early in the morning and I had checked in online so there was very little luggage to carry which was good because I was very exhausted, so, I decided to spend the day at Dehradun and reached the JW Marriott hotel very late.


When I reached the hotel the staff welcomed me with a tropical welcome drink and showed me to my room. Their rooms have a beautiful view, in fact all the rooms that my group checked into had great views. It was breathtaking.

The atmosphere was extremely peaceful and quiet, I haven’t been to such a peaceful hotel in very long time. It was serene. I was loving every moment of it.

The hotel is so self sufficient and secluded from the mall road or city centre. It takes 25 minutes downhill to get to mall road. The cab arrangements around the hotel aren’t very good, so, every time you have to go to the city, you have to spend Rs.500 on an unknown cab that you fetch from right outside the hotel.

You can also take the hotel cab but that is extremely expensive. I decided to go to Kempty falls on my very first day. I had to spend something like Rs.2500 to get there.


There was also a rope way that we took to get to the falls. When I got to the falls I was extremely disappointed as it was nothing but a fancy swimming pool. When I learnt that it used to look nothing like this earlier I was extremely heartbroken. Why do people mess with nature?


The best part about Mussoorie is definitely mall road. I spent most of my time on the mall road and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I had taken my best DSLR camera and lens along so I took a lot of interesting photos of the road and hills, it was quite a beautiful site. As it kept getting darker the city seemed more beautiful with all the twinkling lights.

We left really late for the hotel and had dinner at the hotel. The room service was extremely prompt. We ate a sandwich and some tea. The mid-night masala chai is one thing I can kill for.

The next day we decided to explore all the eateries on Mall Road. We decided to try many new restaurants. We went to Kalsang as it came highly recommended. I really liked the food. The service was slightly slow but I enjoyed every bite of the flavourful food at the restaurant. The service was friendly too. We left little notes on the table and slid it under the glass as most travellers had done.

Another restaurant that came highly recommended was “Cafe By The Way”. As we walked into it, the smell of fresh bakes engulfed us. We has some cake and tea and we really loved every bite as we had worked up an appetite walking up the hill on mall road.

On mall road if you are looking for souvenirs to take back home, get a wood & brass name plate. Do not buy wooden cooking spoons and stirrers as they will melt in the heat.


I had a great time at Ruskin Bond’s lovely city and I highly recommend that book lover’s visit the shop on mall road where this writer comes to do his book readings!


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