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Burma Burma, in collaboration with Little Black Book, Delhi had an official opening on Thursday night, the 17th of June. As the name suggests ,Burma Burma is a traditional is hundred percent vegetarian authentic, Burmese cuisine restaurant.

As I walked into Burma Burma located in Gurgaon’s trendy Cyber Hub, I felt like I had been transported to a Buddhist shrine. The interiors and the rustic aroma only added to the experience.

IMG_20160616_205845   IMG_20160616_210339


I sat down and began to browse through the preselected menu for the evening. There was a selection of soup, salads, appetizers and main course.

I was almost overwhelmed when I saw the menu.

We were asked to pick our soup. It was either a samosa soup or a bean curd soup. My friend was hell bent on getting the samosa soup so I decided to get the bean curd. While the samosa soup was more tangy and also spicy, the bean curd soup was more dal like. Personally, I preferred the bean curd but the samosa soup seemed to be more of a hit.

After this, we were brought three types of salads; a tea leaf salad , sunflower and crispy wheat flakes salad and the raw mango salad. I was most impressed with the tea-leaf salad that had nuts, sesame seeds, tomatoes and of course tea leaves. This salad contains about 17 odd ingredients.




After we had our fill of the three types of salads, we were brought the chilly tangy chickpea tohu, my friend and I both agreed this would great with beer ! In addition to this, we were also served a Tohu mash with parantha and brown onion and roasted chilly steamed buns. While one may give the buns a miss, but the dried Tohu and parantha, as boring as it sounds was close to perfection ! The Tohu was cooked just right and had the perfect flavour.


It was now time for the main course. Yes,there was a main course that followed this spread! There was a traditional khowsuey, rice with a spicy peanut chutney and Burmese fried rice with a spicy veg curry. I freaked out on all three and yes,asked for multiple helpings. The khowsuey was a perfect coconut flavour while the rice and peanut chutney came in a small banana leaf boat looking structure which I polished off in all of thirty seconds.

Being a hardcore meat lover I am still surprised that I enjoyed vegetarian food this much !


To help us digest this inasane quantity of food,we were given a lavender vanilla tea and it was love at first sip. Burma Burma, in addtition to its fantastic food has a wide selection of teas as well.

By the time dessert came around, I was too full to even think about food. But there was a durian ice cream, smokey avocado and honey ice cream and a coco pina. Both of which looked great ! everyone around me was going gaga over the durian and avocado ice cream.






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