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Masterclass@Guppy by ai

When I received an email about Guppy’s sushi master class, I was beyond thrilled. I immediately picked up the phone to confirm my spot for Saturday.

Going to Guppy has always been a pleasant and fun experience for me .I am still wowed by chef Vikram , each time I meet him. And also by the quaint ambience at Guppy.

I got to Guppy at about 10 am on Saturday morning with a slightly sleepy friend !


We waited briefly for everyone to arrive and then got straight down to business.

Chef Vikram was very excited about the class and kept up entertained with his quick wit throughout the duration of the class.

He began by showing us the basic preparation that goes into the art of sushi making.



He showed us the basic rice that is used to make sushi,how it is washed and soaked and briefed us about the other basic ingredients like MSG which in it’s natural form is called Kombu, something I’d have probably never known.


Shortly after, we were all at our workstations, ready to embrace the inner chef in us all.



We rolled out our sushi mats and seaweed sheets and got right down to it! We made our own concoctions; experimented with cream cheese, mayo,salmon,tuna and lots more. We also got our hands more than just a little dirty in the process but it was definitely a morning well spent and totally worth the eight AM alarm on a Saturday.

The chef thought it absolutely necessary we were rewarded for our effort at sushi making so we got to sample Guppy’s summer menu; and yes, it was divine !


The menu comprises basically of cold food, perfect for the summer and also, cocktails. Because who can do without cocktails!

We began by trying a cold Corn And Avocado Soup (Sweet corn and avocado soup, enriched with soy milk, served chilled with a hint of wasabi). It was very different from the conventional soup, but it grew on me.

After this, we were brought plates after plates of salads including Smoked Pumpkin Salad, 3 Melon Salad, Grilled Asparagus And Rocket Salad, Tomato ,Edamame, Gingo Nut And Konjac Jelly Ceviche. My favorite among these was the 3 Melon Salad that was served with umeboshi plum dressing.

Guppy by ai Summer Menu - Mango and Avocado Cream Cheese Roll


Once we had our fair share of salads, we tried the sushi on the menu. There were more than a few types of sushi; the best in my opinion was the Mango And Tuna Roll and a close second was the Hanami Roll; a creative thick sushi roll combined with black and white rice with tuna, salmon, crab, yellowtail and cucmber.Guppy's Hanami Summer Menu - Three Melon Salad.jpg

There was also a selection of Cold Ramen that everyone at the table enjoyed very much,I however was full with I had already had and was enjoying my Kiwi, melon Vodka cocktail; Senadai very much ! There was a selection of summery cocktails on the menu including something called the Plum Blossom. Overall , I was more than happy with my Guppy experience which I always am !

I even tried my hand at the sushi making the next day ! Anyone interested in sushi,must give this class at Guppy a go !






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