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TO BANGKOK AND BACK;JW Marriott at Aerocity New Delhi has just introduced a BANGKOK STREET FOOD FESTIVAL. From the streets of Bangkok come exotic culinary surprises, as enjoyed by the locals!



I walked into JW Marriot’s K3 on a Wednesday afternoon and could almost smell the spices from meters away. I was greeted by the chef herself, who was very excited about the launch.

The menu comprises of appetizers, soups, salads, main course and of course dessert. There was a selection of interesting cocktails to with the menu as well.


To begin with, we were served a traditional raw papaya salad, called the SOM-TAM and a mix seafood salad called YAM THALAY. Along with the salads, we were served deep fried crispy cupcakes with chicken, called KRATHONG THONG.



Among these, I particularly enjoyed both the salads very much and could not help but ask for more.

To go with the food, we ordered coktails! I decided to be a little experimental and get the TOM YUM SIAM which is basically gin,lychee and ground chilli. My friend decided to be more conventional and get the PASSION FRUIT CAIPIROSKA which is a vodka and passion fruit infusion. Both drinks complemented the food perfectly!



The main course is a very basic Thai food but I was more than happy with the specific selection; there was chicken in green curry, steamed fish chilli lemon, stir fried vegetables in light soy sauce and tofu in red curry.



The steamed fish was easily my favourite dish on the menu ! With the perfect amount of both lemon and chilli.



My taste buds were satisfied with the meal overall, though the dessert was not the best thing I’ve tasted. Maybe it had to do with the fact that it was a water chestnut and coconut jelly like imitation.



I would definitely go back for the food and cocktails! If you like Thai food even a little bit, it’s worth a try! This pop up in only on till the 7th of May , so hurry !

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