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Review- “Punjabi by Nature”

“Punjabi by Nature” definitely doesn’t need any introduction when it comes to Mughlai and North Indian food. It has maintained it’s consistency over the years for its great quality of food-making generous use of butter and oil in their dishes.

I had heard a lot about this place and eventually ended up trying it on the occasion of Navratra’s. It’s located on the third level of “The Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj” which is the heart of South Delhi and Punjabi by Nature is the septum, setting a perfect and remarkable example for all those having a good appetite for Mughlai and Punjabi dishes.

In terms of ambience, I liked the wall fountain at the gleaming entrance which was indeed refreshing. It has a perfect seating arrangement  with a wooden wall decor and lights apt for the place. It has the seating capacity of approx. 137.

Service- The Manager and the staff gave us a warm welcome and we were really delighted to be a part of their invite. The staff was very polite and well behaved and kept attending us time and again. He even helped us through our orders by suggesting us with their signature dishes.

We went ahead with the order of two glasses of  French red wine “Alexis linchine cabernet sauvignon” along with a few starters:

Dahi ke kebabs– It had the exotic blend of hung curd, delicately cooked with coriander and green chillies. The presentation looked very attractive and with the very first bite of it, I had the urge of having it more. I was glad to have placed an order for it and not having missed it

Jhaangi  Chaamp ( also called as the Bara kebab)– It was very well roasted and the flesh was soft. However, few pieces were deep roasted but yet, a starter which can be given a thought.


Non- Veg Kebab Platter– It consisted 4 pieces of Amritsari fish tikka, 2 pieces of Murgh malai kebab and Galouti kebab. The fish kebabs were my favourite and the presentation of each of the dish was exemplary.Being a hard-core non-vegetarian, I simply loved the combo of the platter where I not only relished one but three different items, and indeed all were mouth watering.




Paneer Tikka-  Soft and fresh pieces of paneer. I however, found them average as am not really so fond of paneer dishes. But, maybe the vegetarians would have a good taste of it as my vegetarian friend relished it.

Kasturi Kebab- It was very soft and different from the rest of the kebabs that you usually eat but was a bit spicy for my taste buds.


For the main course, we ordered Dal Makhani, Paneer Makhani and Butter chicken. They had the right blend of their punjabi flavours and oil used was apt for all of them.


Every good meal is made perfect when you end it with good desserts. And I am sure, each one of us have a sweet tooth and do crave for the best.

The staff helped us in deciding the best for their place and came forth with a plate of Rasmalai , walnut brownie with vanilla ice-cream and a glass of hot chocolate fudge. The moment you see the brownie and chocolate fudge, you go all drooling over it.



Last, but not the least- I would definitely recommend “Punjabi by Nature” @ The Ambience Mall of Vasant Kunj. It might be a little heavy on your pocket. But all those who want to make their life delicious with the Punjabi delicacies must step in, pull the chair and go forth to suit their taste buds with undoubtedly the best..!

Recommended dishes: Dahi ke Kebab, Fish Tikka, Kasturi Kebab and Hot Chocolate Fudge..!

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