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Bonjour, Tokyo!

When Japanese meets French bistronomie, its pure Franco-Japanese love. For a season, Le Bistro du Parc and Guppy bring you Tokyo Mon Amour, a bar with deliciously heady cocktails and a small plates menu by Chef Vikram Khatri. Pop by.

Tokyo Mon Amour at Guppy, conceptualized by Naina de Bois Juzan and AD Singh, opened on 3rd Febuary,2016.

We’re talking sushi with wine & cheese with sake.

Every Wednesday to Sunday, 7 pm onwards.


Guppy has recently launched a new concept in collaboration with Le Bistro du Parc where Japanese meets French.The concept basically revolves around the idea of small plates that go with drinks.An idea that goes very well with the general vibe of our laid back city.

I got there on a Wednesday evening and was led to my table by a familiar face.Shortly after,I was greeted by chef Vikram who as usual was a pleasure to meet.They have a separate section at the restaurant, dedicated to the pop-up.I t is dimly lit, and quite a romantic setting ! A little different from Guppy’s general vibe.

He briefed me about the menu and concept and I was ready to order ! I had spent over and hour in mind numbing Delhi traffic and could really use a drink.



Chef Vikram suggested getting the Wasabi Mimosa that was made in sparkling wine. It had the perfect flavour of Wasabi;not too strong. I was a little apprehensive before I ordered a Wasabi cocktail. But it was perfect ! My friend got the Orange Tingle Mocktail; which was also sour but quite refreshing.

The first thing that caught my eye on the menu was the In House Cold Smoked Salmon. As the name gives off, Guppy smokes the salmon in house and I have always been a fan. The sakura smoked Scottish salmon was topped with dried purple shiso salt, dil leaves and sour cream.


The next thing we ordered was the Bacon and Cream Cheese Sushi. I love bacon and cream cheese so I fell in love instantly with this not so traditional sushi.The sushi also included cucumber,sesame seeds and tempura crisp.


The next few dishes I tries included the Signature Pork Belly, The Home Smoked Brie and Grilled Tenderloin Steak.


The pork belly was perfectly soft, yet a little chewy. It was glazed in soy honey and served with mustard miso sauce. I got two helpings of the pork belly!


The Brie was a traditional cracker, home smoked Brie and figs plate that I assume would go very well with wine.


The steak, which we asked to have well done was a more filling dish and was served with rice and braised vegetables.


We also wanted to try at least one vegetarian dish on the menu so we got the Mushroom and Asparagus Gyoza with Rustic Tomato Salsa, Chives and Cream Reduction.

These were crisp, steamed pot stickers served with Mayo and a Japanese sauce.



To end my meal, and to sober down a little bit from the cocktails, I got myself a cappuccino, which was absolutely divine!

My experience at Guppy always leaves me feeling happy and wanting to go back there over and over again.

This new concept really is refreshing and I recommend everyone at least tries it!


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