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Eat healthy with RailYatri

Unless you have travelled by non luxurious trains in India you have no idea about the unclean, filthy atmosphere in a railway pantry. Hygiene is probably not even the last positive point about it. Already my journey of 27 hours was killing me when I was travelling from Bangalore to Gujarat and then the sight of nourishing food was a cherry on the cake. Ignoring the fact that I saw it (because of the abundance of options I had) I decided to dive back into my phone on which the internet barely connected. I was indeed fortunate that the train decided to stop in a deserted land for about 30 minutes, because I finally got 3G on my phone. I was happy.

Cannot recall what made me download an app on my phone which tremendously changed my perception towards travelling in the train. Let me tell you all about it! The app’s name is “RailYatri”, a train traveller’s Bible, Bhagvad Gita and Kuran. Why do I rank it so high ? You will know at the end of this article.

First and foremost, they had an option to “Book a meal” in the train! Do you hear me ? This was an escape from the bland, pale and unhygienic food that I saw in the pantry. This was an escape to a land of yummy kofta curry, naan, gulab jamoon, boondi raita! I was probably their happiest customer at that moment and without wasting a second I made a few clicks, paid them and sat on my seat with a big smile while I waited for the food to arrive at the next station.

I was obviously curious to know about all of their other features. So, restarting the app again I went through them one by one. I first encountered the “PNR status” feature which is quite a useful one as it gives you the status of your ticket in the matter of seconds. It shows you all your recent trips you have made in the “My trips” section. You can also recharge your wallet and view the balance in “My Wallet”. There were options to view the “Locals and Metros” in your city, “Time table with platform”, “Train running status”, “Trains between stations” and a lot more!

Well, what’s unique on this app is that it’s not your “only travel time” app. It has a lot of other things to keep you hooked, like their “RY Bulletin” and “RailWisdom”. Keen to know what they are? Go download it on your Android/iOS/Windows or just check them out on the web.


Book a meal –

PNR status for apple users –

PNR status  –


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