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Review “World Art Dining – Cook House”

World Cuisine, amalgamation of all the delicacies from all around the globe into one palate, and that one has to choose between the numerous varieties and the one dish that suits the moment the most and so does the buds. The tantalizing taste buds are always eager to try something either new or something appealing, well, World Cuisine is the best format for such tryout and for such people, and when I say and as I quote “This place has the most extensive menu possible” then please do trust me, because I have seen it and by far it is the only menu with endless no. of dishes for and from every region of this earth.

People this here is The World Art Dining – Cook House by Nimitaya, if I am not mistaken, also a part of ITC hospitality and let me again take the pride in saying that it is one of the most resplendent venue that I have ever been to, and evidently also one of the most proficient and splendid looking restaurants with various concepts imbibed at one place all together at once.

The place is all about effervescence of different regions of the globe and their peculiar conception with authenticity to the most core of its basis. There is Japanese live cooking session, Live bar, live pizzeria section and World Art Cafe, which is a small patisserie section this restaurant, which consist of exquisite and delectable pastries and gourmet cookies with luscious caffeine flavors and mouth melting aromatic desserts.

The place also has live brewery section with amazing view and also an excellent interior with eclectic finishing to the entirety of the restaurant. The seats are well furbished and the table are rugged and classic looking, with different arrangements kept on each table for different angles of prospective beauty to it.

It was even more beautiful to adjudge that by the time evening dawns the armor of scintillating utopia, the place even glitters more with perfection and impeccability of an aberrant beautification and soothing embellishment. The lights to the aromatic evening gives in more grace and festoon as it should deserve. It was a simple honor to be present here and cherish the moment spent here.

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I was lucky enough to take some more clicks before it was too late to gorge on the very purpose of this visit, and before that came some of the most refreshing coolers/chillers or even welcome drink we had, with due respect one of the most rejuvenating drink ever was this one that I had , which was sugar syrup, green apple, mojito mint and a zing, and there it was, I was taken aback with such amazement its hard to describe and then the concatenated events of  drinks scrolled down.

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Finally it was time to step up for some of the serious work, the foodie work, and that came in pretty handy, as the food I must mention in the beginning it self was indulging and adorable to every extent. We tasted like 8 to 10 starters or even more and that was it, I was foodie in the delicious land. To start with, it was Veg. Sushi, Omelet, Mushroom parmesan mix, Paneer Tikka, Dahi Ke kebab, Crystal Dumplings, Cheesy Nachos, Sev Puri mix, Oriental Spring Rolls, hara bhara kebab, Veg Cottage Cheese Steak, Veg exotic pizza and what not, it was world combo and we were devouring the reign.

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Since, this was a little sneak into  the starters, let me take the liberty to jump to the main course, with due diligence paid, we never ordered anything else except their Benchmark Daal, which is again a tough call to  make but still I would prefer this Daal than the Daal-Bukhara in ITC Maurya. Every starter had something very clear to say, that I am just so delicious and tempting that its hard to say to me. Specially their presentation and their serving concept and their style of representing them self in time and quality as well quantity uncompromising is something I relished altogether at once with utmost admirability that it makes me ineffable  to state it.

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Served in an earthen pot, with authentic technique and preserved taste that it becomes impossible to resist and unable to find any fault as the taste and quality is just so perfect in totality. Along with that came butter Roti with some condiments and it was just wow to have that meal after such starters, it kind of like made my day and night as well, I just wish to have continued to live the moment once again and again.

Finally came the dessert round for which I was waiting for, and none the less without disappointing us it was again the real deal and a deal which shall never be escaping my memories ever. I can still have the taste in my mind of that divine Walnut brownie with chocolate Sauce, Red Velvet, and Opera Pastry, and I am going into trance, as every of those sinful guilt  is a sin I would love to commit every day. Just by looking at them I could have committed gluttony and the moment it went into my mouth it was done with me, and I was done for what was going on around I wouldn’t have cared , it was so special and spectacular. It was all from the World Art Cafe and now I want to go again to this cafe.

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What can I say, it was just so  memorable experience as it meant so  much to me that it makes me mumble in nostalgia just to think about it every time I remember it. Loved it.

Review Credit: Sagar.


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