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Lucknowi Food Festival @ Zaffran, GK1

Zaffran, the Indian speciality restaurant is hosting a Lucknowi food festival – from February 14 to March 31 and this is something you shouldn’t miss.

We were invited for a review and glad we are – with the authentic dishes made by the chefs of Zaffran in collaboration with chefs from the Qureshi family. Every bite was filled with flavors.

The ambience is appealing. With glass walls to let enough light come in, light music and a view of the outside, it is a definitely a pleasure sitting here and enjoy some good food. The service is swift and we didn’t have to wait for anything at all.


Coming to the food – you mustn’t miss this festival. The chefs from the Qureshi family alongwith the chefs of Zaffran have created a gem of a menu. Lack of vegetarian options might be a complaint, but if you try the only vegetarian option – Veg Shammi – you will forget about that as well.

veg shammi

Murgh Gulbahar Seekh & Mutton Awadhi Seekh – are succulent and juicy while retaining the smoky flavour of being cooked over a chulha. Dum Awadhi Boti is deviant from the ideal, with the taste of the masala overpowering the flavor of the meat. Mutton Galawti and the only veg. dish on the menu – Veg Shammi are fully competent in exciting your taste buds.

dum awadhi boti

mutton awadhi seekh

mutton galawti

Koi Awadh – chicken in saffron gravy is the only dish donning the main course and why not – it is a pleasure what each bite does – the flavor of saffron – ah bliss! Pair it with the Warki Parantha or the Peshawari Roti and you would keep wanting more.

koi awadh

peshawari roti

The only dessert in the menu for the food festival – Nawabi Halwa – beats everything hands down. Amalgamation of milk and mawa, you just can’t get your hands off till you finish it. If you are here during the festival time, this is a must try.

nawabi halwa

The Dastarkhwan-e-Awadh, Lucknowi Food festival is on for 45 days starting February 14 @ Zaffran, N-2 Greater Kailash-1, New Delhi 48 . Though the menu is limited right now, it may see more dishes added, but nevertheless, this is one of the festivals you mustn’t miss!


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