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“Filmy Cafe & Bar” review

From the makers of Deez Biryani & Kebabs, comes one more blockbuster in town, serving the foodies with the same passion and enthusiasm and also released just a month ago, presenting `Filmy Cafe & Bar`, a perfect fusion of its legacy prevailing already on the excellence note and the contemporary continental, this can be stated as a perfect blend of classic delectables and most happening food joints.


Located on 1st floor in PVR Plaza building, Block-H @ Connaught Place, New Delhi, this has the very factor of assiduity as the venue so  very lures the patrons going by the location and also the appealing menu that gives an edge to its credentials. Not really that spacious but enough to accommodate 35 to 45 people at once and that to with no compromise or reflecting any lackadaisical services. The staff is on the move and is agile in their renditions also, a DJ console is placed in a corner providing bang-on party starter tracks and the interior is made with different portrays of  classic cult movies and quotes, even pictures of Marilyn Monroe and different stars is there on cushion covers rest some eclectic designer souvenirs and comfortable sitting arrangement is what prevails inside this venue.

A live bar, experienced staff with diligent approach, extremely refreshing mocktails and scintillating Hookahs (Shee-sha)  flavors, this venue is certainly very promising for youngsters and party lovers. A Hawaian Delight and a Tropical Season mocktail is what took over me on the first spot, not to forget the Exotic Shee-Sha with Pan Flavor to it was an add-on to the starters.


The starters were something, that I can go to this venue over and over again, the Chilly  Mushrooms and the Paneer Tikka Achari, were next level, I am speechless to what exactly I tasted but it was so flawless and so full of impact that I was blown away instantly. Eventually the main course was ordered and it was a Delight Gourmet Pizza and Veg Penne Parmesan extra Creamy Sauce Pasta, and again I was strongly impressed by the taste and the consistency of it. Impeccable and profound are the best way to explain these dishes for me.  Needless to Point out out the presentation and the way it was cooked and served was unequivocally of  the sane standard as what the taste claimed.

And at the end was the dessert round which was considerably the most innovative and substantially most impressive part of the entire session, Chocolate Bar fried served with vanilla ice bream and covered with chocolate syrup and strawberry crush, it was heavenly divine dessert and one I cannot forget ever. Unconventional and extraordinary.

Loved it.


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