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Restaurant Review: Trattoria Lounge, Hauz Khas Village,Delhi

Hauz Khas Village has a newcomer and it’s here to make a difference!Tucked away in the lanes of this busy urban village on the second floor of an aged building is Trattoria Lounge.

I was invited to witness their ongoing Lebanese festival and was glad to experience a new restaurant at HKV.

The recently opened indoor-outdoor lounge has enough seating for a small group of people and a little balcony for smokers/ Sheesha(hukka) lovers.

I personally preferred the outdoor seating as I found the lounge a little dingy.

As we were invited for a Lebanese event we were served starters from this cuisine.
Hummus and Pita, Falafels and Arabic Lamb Kebabs were on the menu.

They served us an average Hummus with some very thin and limp pita hence this dish failed to impress me. A warm and fluffier pita would definitely improve the dish.

The Falafels though well spiced, were flat and over oily leaving a greasy feeling on your palette.

Things started to look up once the drinks and non veg starters arrived.

Coarsely ground meat finished in a pan and served with a rich a tomato gravy, these kebabs are definitely worth the bucks you’d spend on them.

We were also served some wonderful Fish Fingers. Crisp and light alongside a perfect tartar sauce, these were wonderful!

My Pinna colada was creamy, cold and flavourful and won my heart over as well.

The Virgin Peach Bellini was served with a peach purée on the side but on mixing it was fizzy and fruity which made for a good virgin rendition of the original Cocktail.

For main course we were served a Pizza with mixed vegetables like zucchini, broccoli and Fresh tomato.

The pizza had a thin crust and a generous quantity of toppings.

If there’s anything I’d like to change, it would be the cut of the tomato. I love fresh tomatoes on pizza but the thick outer rings were a little hard and overpowering.

The dish of the day for me was the Spinach Pappardelle. Some wonderful fresh sheets of pasta prepared in a creamy sauce with a generous portion of mushroom and garnished with Parmesan. What’s not to love about this combination?

I didn’t  even miss my meats!

This was followed by a very mediocre chicken dish comprising of Grilled Chicken and some olive oil tossed spaghetti. Note, it was not an Aglio olio, it was just a few spices tossed with spaghetti. The sauce was sour and had a boozy feel to it, I’m Assuming it was cooked in white wine. Overall the sauce was thick and gelatinous and didn’t taste too pleasant and the spaghetti was a real let down.

We ended our meal with a fabulous brownie and ice cream topped with chocolate sauce.

A warm,soft and chocolaty brownie served with a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream is the easiest way to win a girls heart and by golly, this one really did!

Trattoria serves some great flavours of Sheesha as well. They have a wide assortment of flavours and a house made Special Trattoria Hukka as well.
Overall I’d definitely return for the Kebabs, Pappardelle, Drinks and Brownie.

The Lebanese menu has scope for improvement and expansion for sure and I trust they will look into it soon enough.

Until then head there to try my recommendations and their Sheesha!



Review Credit- Sanskaara Lalwani





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