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The first time I went to Guppy a few months ago, I was quite taken by their quaint ambience so I couldn’t wait to get a table again at their Sunday Brunch.


As expected, I was blown away with the choices on their menu, designed especially for the brunch. Everything on the menu which ranges from clear soup to pancake pizza comes to your table uninterrupted, with unlimited servings because who are we kidding ? One serving is just not enough !

The brunch is a 9 course meal beginning with soups, followed with cold appetizers, steamed bun, sushi, tempura, grilled appetizers, Japanese Pizza Pancake, Mains and finally ending with Desserts.

I was obviously, most excited about the sushi but I knew I’d have to wait a while for that. So to begin our meal my friend and I ordered the Berry Beer Cooler and Red Wine Sangria. I had already tried the beer cocktail so I didn’t even have to look at their drinks menu.

IMG-20151122-WA0050                                            IMG_20151122_134606

Our meal began with two types of soups, both clear, one made with soy bean and one with just mushroom.. The cold platter had a Quinoa salad , cold mashed potato, Tofu, Japanese egg , Spinach leaves and smoked salmon. I pretty much inhaled both the mushroom soup and the cold platter. Shortly after, I asked for another helping of the smoked salmon. Even now, the thought of this smoked salmon makes me want to drive back to Guppy as I write.


IMG_20151122_133602         IMG_20151122_135452

After this, we were served a selection of sushi including the California roll,spicy tuna,spicy salmon and an assorted vegetarian sushi. Being slightly skeptical of a vegetarian dish ,I passed on the vegetarian sushi and overdosed on the California roll.




Following this, we tried a few types of tempura and some chicken and cottage cheese from the grill. Although there were many more options, we were quite stuffed and wanted to save place for the rest of the food coming our way.


We tried the Japanese pizza pancake and the noodles and rice after this. While I really enjoyed the Udon noodles and the Garlic fried rice , I would suggest giving the pancakes a pass. I also liked Guppy’s special green iced tea very much, it was quite refreshing and different from any iced tea that I’ve ever tried.


We then asked for dessert, which came on a platter with green tea chocolate cake, ice cream, chocolate fondant and fruit.


We walked out of guppy in a food coma that afternoon and did not even attempt to eat anything till the next day.

In my opinion, Anybody who likes Japanese food even a little bit must check this brunch out ! It was definitely a Sunday well spent.


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