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Cress Bistro- Restaurant Review

After a long time I have come across a eating joint that doesn’t boasts about being different than the rest, but it truly is.

This Bistro, with a great ambience in the heart of South Delhi, GK3 is indeed a very  pleasant change.

They have a huge menu, and it definitely takes a lot of time choosing what you actually want to eat, but spend a little time on those descriptors of dishes and I am that will help, else the staff is more than accommodating to suggest you the best on offer.

Starters Ordered:

Chipotle Chicken Tikka- a word of caution for this one, tastes amazing but is quite hot and spicy.

Chiang Chui Chilly Chicken- a great chilly chicken with a Cress twist of taste, a must try.

Burmese Samosa- a very unique and different tasting chicken dumpling on a bed of burmese gravy, little sweetish in taste, something that will take time to develop a taste for. For the first time, OK, but not a taste to fall for. But this is my personal choice, as per the chef its a hot selling item on their menu, so give it a try for sure.

Main Course:

Peanut Butter Chicken: a version of butter chicken with a very particular flavour of peanuts. Its a treat for those who love peanuts and peanut butter, others may find it a little too over powering.

Meat Beliram: a very very delicious twist to the regular mutton curry, the mutton was very juicy and tender and the spices were perfectly blended, making it nether too spicy not bland.

Dal Makhani: It was good but not too great, I think next time I  will give some other vegetarian dish a try rather than dal, it surely wasn’t worth the price.

Overall I will still the rate the place 4/5 purely because of its dare to be different attitude in the menu.

The Service was quick and staff friendly. Do plan your next outing at this sweet little joint and surprise your taste buds.


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