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My Crazy Rakhi Story!

If I had to pick between my sister and food I will tell her that I would pick her but I would surely pick food. Jokes apart, my sister means the world to me. I know I do not say this enough to you but ….

Dear Sis,
I really care for you very much. You are not just my sister you are also my best friend we have grown up together and seen many happy days and what feels like 1 billion fights but I bond has somehow only strengthened with time.
I remember the very first time I shared the idea of India food club with you. You laughed at me because you knew that I loved eating but I did not know anything about cooking. You have been my support and my pillar of strength you have seen me in good times and bad and you have always done what is right for me. I make a lot of mistakes and I know that but I really appreciate that you never belittle me in front of anyone. You are the person I am closest to and you know all my flaws.
I really appreciate how you never highlight my flaws in front of anyone who think I do not notice but I know that you support me unconditionally no matter what. It is become a tradition to cook something special on Rakhi, I know we always have a contest and you beat me twice however I know that this time that is not going to happen I’m not going to let you win this time I love you but the competitor in me has taken over the Brother in me – so get ready dear sister it’s game time! Be prepared to get me all my favourite presents this year!
Oh and just so you know it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, I have still brought you a lot of special presents and they are waiting for you so I hope you like them.
The winner of the cook-off!

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