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Restaurant Review: Viva, Holiday Inn Aerocity, Delhi

I am a traveller and I love to eat heathy. Over eating often affects travellers adversely as it makes one lethargic and lazy. That is something I just can’t afford when I’m backpacking. I like travelling light and I like exploring new things. My travels took to me Delhi last week and I decided to dine at Holiday Inn Aerocity.
The hotel is lovely and it is a very great place to meet fellow travellers. I went on a weekday but the place was bustling with life. I loved the energy. The hotel has over 85 staff members and has really fast service. I looked at the menu and I immediately knew what I wanted. The “Caprese Salad” looked delicious. Tomato and mozzarella slices with lightly drizzled pesto and balsamic pesto and a glass of “Papaya Smoothie” was all I needed to unwind.
Even though the place is really alive there is something calm and relaxing about it. Such a thing is quite unusual for an airport hotel. I loved that about Viva, Holiday Inn’s All Day Dining restaurant. I am not a big fan of Samon but the “Norwegian Smoked Salmon” I was served was spot on. It had been rolled with sour cream and served with couscous & capers salsa and orange fillet – loved every bite. I was wandering into dangerous territory and I did not regret it. I wanted to stick to a lot of healthy greens only buy I did order a helping of the beautifully scrumptious looking “Gilafi Seekh Kebab” – it looked amazing and I ended up eating much more than I had initially intended too.
The main course was simpler, a “Greek Salad” with lemon oregano dressing. It was fresh and the dressing was just what I needed. I did try some of the “Asparagus Risotto” for lunch too. The asparagus and Arborio rice had been cooked perfectly and had been finished with some wonderful parmesan – highly recommended.
I really wanted something sweet so I decided to get a bite out of the delicious looking “Gulab Jamun” that Viva had on the menu. When it arrived it was hot and looked mind-blowing. A treat to the eyes. It was the most delicious Gulab Jamun I’ve had in a long long time. It shouldn’t be missed. My experience at Viva was wonderful. The service was courteous, the atmosphere was inviting. The chef was very courteous to make recommendations. I am surely going back.
By: Anu 

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