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Mutton Sali Boti

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Mutton Sali Boti Mutton Sali Boti

Despite being only 0.06% of the population, the Parsi people are hugely influential and financially successful in India. Ethnically Persian and followers of Zoroastrianism, they sought refuge in Gujarat on the west coast of India somewhere between the 8th and 10th centuries after fleeing religious persecution in their homeland – modern day Iran. Today, the vast majority of Parsis reside in Mumbai, with significant numbers also in South Gujarat, Delhi and Calcutta.

Zoroastrian kitchen tiles Zoroastrian tiles in my kitchen!

Aside from business, the Parsis have also been successful in food. At one time there were a couple of hundred Parsi and Irani (19th century Zoroastrian immigrants from Iran) cafes, restaurants and bakeries in Mumbai. Despite their popularity, these are now unfortunately declining in number due to the reducing Parsi population – a combination of emigration, marriage outside of the community and a low birth rate. There are now…

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