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The doorbell rings.

It catches me mid-grumble.

Humidity is through the roof and work deadlines are chipping away at my once-happy life. I am in no mood to hear door-to-door salesmen prattle on about why I should ditch the gutter-water I’ve been drinking and switch to their water purifier.  Sweaty and irritable, I am in Shoo-the-Salesman mode even while unlatching the door (‘No, I don’t want your stupid water filter!’).

But the fellow outside is not that sort of salesman. Instead of a nondescript tie around his neck, he holds a large metal can in his hand. And instead of a management student sales pitch, he greets me with: ‘Idli?’

Idlis at Hotel Swagath | Photo credit: CheWBacca

Some people scour the internet for advice to help them say ‘No’. Others have got it down to an art form (saying ‘No’, not scouring the internet); we don’t even think about it anymore.

Wanna go for…

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