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Seeds to trees: The urban terrace farmer.

Garlic shoots have started to grow from the ground. Had planted garlic near the chili to push the aphids away, but the garlic shoots came out.

I will be planting more garlic cloves in the ground, in a separate pot.

Also the shoots it self can be used in salads, but if you let it grow then you can harvest the full grown garlic from the ground.

The suggested dept for sowing the cloves is 5 cm deep and 20 cm apart from each clove.

Currently all the garlic cloves, which will be sown later are in bowl of water to help it grow the roots.

Sand can also be mixed with the soil, works wonders with garlic’s growth.

garlic shoots garlic shoots Update:

I have added more garlic in the pot and the soil is a mixture of mud and sand with small stones .

Update : 10/06/2015

garlic shoots sprouting…

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