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Chinese Breakfast at Tiretti Bazaar, Calcutta

Ramble On

Calcutta loves its maach and its mishti. And more.

There’s a certain Chinese quarter in the city that serves authentic Chinese food in the early hours of the morning. By early, I do mean 5am to 7am early. So I’m guessing, if you want the Chinese breakfast experience in its entirety, you must eat at China Standard Time!

Every morning, Tiretti Bazaar sees a bustle of makeshift stalls offering Chinese breakfast delicacies. A small lane near Poddar Court that’s temporarily converted into a food plaza in the mornings, it’s the place to be if you can manage to drag yourself out of bed at that ungodly hour and make your way through the city to this spot. The timings are more relaxed on weekends, which might explain why there was still a lot of food going around at 7.30am when we visited, Sunday last.

tiretti bazaar16tiretti bazaar10

It was fun to just stand…

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