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Chili Chicken With A Dash Of Calcutta Chinese Nostalgia

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Everyone knows the best part of traveling is food. And the best part of growing up in a city that things it’s perfectly normal to offer mutton curry to its goddess during festivals is that…well didn’t I just answer that question?

Have you been to Calcutta? No? Let me tell you something about the city.

The city likes to eat. If that’s not the understatement of the century I don’t know what is. Every hour is food o’ clock in Calcutta. If you die and go to food heaven, Calcutta is what it’d probably look like. (fair warning: I may use this exact line in some other post on some other city’s culinary culture. What to do? I like to hide in the comfort of clichés 🙂 )

We love our authentic Chinese food.

Wait what?

Okay so there are two ways to say authentic Chinese food in Calcutta

  • ‘Authentic…

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