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Review of Restaurant ‘Le Pain Quotidien’, BKC, Mumbai.

I am writing this review based on two of my experiences here.


The first one was the Four Course Summer Menu by Wow Tables. It costed ₹750 and was very well priced for the meal I was served.

The first course was a tomato basil soup. It was simple, unlike other places it did not have a slight sweet tinge to it, which was something I missed but overall it was nice.

Le Pain Quotidien, Mumbai.

From the choices given to me I chose the Chicken Cobb salad for my second course. It had a green tea dressing and comprised of blue cheese, bacon, egg and chicken amongst the greens and was light, refreshing and delicious! My vegetarian friend who was also having the four course meal with me chose the spinach and corn tartine. It was a great starter,light, creamy and delicious.

Le Pain Quotidien, Mumbai.

For the third course I chose, grilled chicken served with mushroom risotto in a pesto sauce. This dish was absolutely delicious. The chicken was tender, the sauce wasn’t over cheesy, the risotto was yum, everything was delicious. My friend went for the mushroom risotto which was a larger portion of the one I was served with my chicken.

Le Pain Quotidien, Mumbai.

For dessert I chose an apple crumble which was quite decent. My friend chose the chocolate cake. It wasn’t amazing, neither bad, it passed muster.


This time i went a la carte. It did work out more expensive of course.

For starters we had the avocado tartine. I absolutely love avocado and this was absolutely yum. It had an avocado spread, fresh avocado and some nuts to crunch it up. Very light, simple and tasty.

Le Pain Quotidien, Mumbai.

I repeated the chicken Cobb salad from last time since I liked it so much and also called for a wild mushroom Cobb salad for a vegetarian guest. I much preferred the non vegetarian one.

For mains we called for a vegetable lasagna. We were given a good sized portion, it wasn’t over cheesy and was very delicious overall.

Le Pain Quotidien, Mumbai.

My mother ordered the chicken ravioli which was definitely the dish of the evening! The sauce was absolutely the best I’ve tasted. Light, creamy, flavorful, this dish is my biggest recommendation to everyone reading this! I personally called for the basa with balsamic sauce. I didn’t love it but I wanted something low on oil content and this served the purpose. My father ordered the spicy cajun chicken toast which was quite nice as well, as good as it gets I suppose.

For dessert we ordered the orange tart which was quite a disappointment, don’t bother with it and another eggless chocolaty dessert that I can’t remember the name of. It was decent.

Le Pain Quotidien, Mumbai.

Overall, the food of this place is delicious, deserts are alright and the ambiance is very neat and nice. I love this place and do go there rather often and would definitely recommend it.

Review of Restaurant ‘Le Pain Quotidien’, BKC, Mumbai.

Review by: Sanskaara Lalwani


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