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Train Ride to Lucknow: Sights and Sounds (2013)

Potful of Life

(This is an account of my first train ride from Delhi to Lucknow alone. The excitement and curiosity of the first time and the sights and sounds that captures my senses was written down as it was while on the train with a pen and my diary. Unfortunately, I have no visual image to show you this wondrous experience. Please enjoy the sights and sounds through words.)

Lucknowi Tunde Kabab The famous Lucknowi Tunde Kabab

It was an early dawn as the train chugs along the snake-line track, first slow and lazy then it gradually picks up its speed. It gobbles the tracks swiftly like the snake crawling in water smooth and steady. In few more minutes, the fences and the tree lines got swept off like a tsunami wave. Even the early shameless toileters blurs away giving no time to sight their dark asses shaming themselves in the open toilet. The early sun is…

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