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The Unsettled Dispute of Nihari

Second Last Supper

Nihari or the modern day Nahari as we embrace it today traces its roots back to 18th century cental Asians who came to Indian region of Delhi and Lucknow and gave this master dish as an early morning breakfast strictly to be served after Fajr Namaz and to be winded up by 8 a.m. unlike today where this is considered to be a very prestigious savory for dinner time it was once a meal of everyday wage laborers sometimes this even worked as a mere kind exchange for whatever work they did for their ruler.

Nihari in itself has become more of a sub-cuisine rather than just a dish because you see so many varied varieties of it running from place to place. In Kanpur/Lucknow it is a thin gravy simmered on slow heat over night with lesser fat and high amount of bone marrow served with a very…

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