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Not a good day for goats


After perusing the lonely planet guide I have come to the conclusion that there is still a lot for me to see in Kolkata. The first on the list, and also the closest to my current abode, is the Kalighat temple. The temple is one of the holiest sites in India. According to legend it occupies one of the Shakti Peetha. The Shakti Peetha are places on earth where a part of the body of the female divinity Shakti fell. I don’t have time for the story here but let’s just say it was after a complicated and unfortunate incident. Oh and the practice of widow burning evolved out of this part of the mythology. In the case of Kalighat it was her right toe. The name Kalighat crudely translated means the landing place of Kali. A ghat is usually a landing place on a river and the temple used to be adjacent…

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