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Nawabi Khansame (Issue 1)

Second Last Supper

kali-gajar ka halwa kali-gajar ka halwa

Nawab – The word was an honorary title ratified by any ruler to a Muslim person of an autonomous majority, or to put it in simple words,they were the ones who ruled a small region under the reign of a major ruler. They were public figures to be looked upto with high respect. The ruling part has gone now but the honor and public-figure idea still prevails with anyone who carries that prefix to his name. These people hold the extra-ordinary responsibility of being father-figure and sole representative of their region, which puts them in quite a vulnerable position.

galwat ke kawab galwat ke kawab

Mutton Qorma Mutton Qorma

A person of such caliber also needs something extra-ordinary to satisfy his hunger too, which is quite an acceptable situation. Luckily most of them are great chefs themselves, who understand the intricacies involved in cooking, even to its micro levels and they train…

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  1. Bilal
    March 14, 2015

    thanks a ton for re-blogging my post 🙂 appreciated


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