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Maach, Misti and More!!


Being a bong, Kolkata has always been the closest to my heart. I love my city and the bangaliana in me. It has been two years since I have been staying away from my city, but never did a day pass when I did not miss Kolkata. I love the hatred of showing off, the instinctive chatter a Bong indulges into whenever he/she meets another bong. The gossip about ‘how is so-and-so’s neighbor’s daughter-in-law’ , the endless debate about Mohanbagan and East Bengal, the non stop commentary while Dada used to bat. Yes, we have a dada and a didi. Our chief minister is referred to as didi and Saurav Ganguly is referred to as dada. What appeals me most is Benagli’s obsession for food, specifically for non-veg. The way the uncles bargain for fish at the fish market are worth watching.I love to hear the fish-seller swearing and saying…

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