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Love at First Sight

The Diary of a mumbaikar

Diary of a Mumbaikar


From SV road, Traffic Jam

While waiting for my friend’s car, I was sitting outside a shop eating from my packet of little hearts. A good-looking young guy plonked himself beside me. I recognized him as a friend of a friend I had met in a social gathering. But I was puzzled, he was supposed to be in US right not from what I had heard in gossip circles.

After the initial hi-hello, I asked him straightway – “What are you doing in Mumbai, Lakshya?”

“It’s a long story”

I glanced at my watch for dramatic effect “I have a lot of time” I nodded.

“Are you sure? It is always remains incomplete”


And this is what followed –

 2 months, 5 days ago

“Hope we catch this one! I am hoping the crowd will be less today” mayank wished.

“Dude, keep the dream…

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