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Dhinchaak dosizza

Her tummy's growl


I have always been a fan of fusion foods … am not much of a purist when it comes to food … except ofcourse where the humble varan-bhaat is concerned! So experimenting with foods, adding western ingredients to Indian stuff to create my own variations is a favorite pastime … and Rab ne bana di Jodi … when he gave me a husband who is not only patient to my experimenting and a willing guinea pig … but loves to try his luck with recipes too!

One Friday night … past midnight after the husband-wife fight subsided a few notches, the little girl dared to poke her head and say “mumma … we haven’t had dinner … and I am hungry mummaaa!” This was after having gorged on an egg sandwich, fruits and some milk so don’t go on the “bad-mommy” track here pilijjj!!!
Her words triggered the food panda…

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