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A Bazar Day in India

Drop Me Anywhere

After arriving at the airport and being greeted by my driver, we take a harrowing ride through the streets of New Delhi during which I count 14 dogs, 2 cows and an incredible amount of auto rickshaws. Auto rickshaws are tiny, motorized 3 wheeled vehicles in which you climb into the back seat and, perhaps, find religion, while holding on for dear life as your driver swerves through the crazy traffic narrowly missing sunken manhole covers, potholes, other cars (in some cases, by centimeters) bicycles, dogs and, of course, cows. While you might be tempted to close your eyes, the other option is to simply trust in your driver (he is a professional after all) and laugh at the situation. It can be quite entertaining. And it’s not just the rickshaw drivers; the cars seem to be playing a game of Tetris as white lane-markings mean nothing and, if there’s…

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